Walking Together
During the Transitional Time

The transitional time between ministries presents particular opportunity.


It's a dynamic time where we work to—

  • Continue your congregation's ministry with tender care and optimistic vigor.

  • Calibrate your congregational systems to best practices to boldly prepare your congregation for the future.

  • Coach the church toward the successful settlement of your new minister.


I come to you with my hybrid portfolio as—

  • An Accredited Interim Minister experienced in the work of transitional ministry in diverse locales, church size and church culture.

  • A stewardship specialist helping congregations connect money and spirit to enliven healthy finances.

  • A business leader skilled in equipping and motivating staff and leadership teams, working with budgets, and explaining the organization's values to the wider world.


I look forward to our mutual ministry as we walk together in this important season of ministry you are now engaged upon.


Rev. Samuel Schaal

Accredited Interim Minister

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